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The art of pizza

Roman pizza is a world apart from the classical round pizza normally found in restaurants.

Firstly the high water content, long proofing time (between 24 and 72 hours) and minimum amount of yeast make for a very light and digestible dough.

Baking is done in iron trays at very high temperatures to ensure that the crust crisps up immediately maintaining a soft and honeycombed interior.

The pizza is let to cool and then topped with delicious and fresh ingredients.

When you make your choice, we cut the pizza portion into a square and bake it once again to enhance the outside crispiness and let the toppings blend with the dough. Should you want to take the pizza home with you or in any case consume it later we skip this step so that you can finish off the cooking whenever you wish.

We change the selection of toppings every day according to fresh ingredients availability and seasonality.